11:11 Full Circle Healing


About Alyssa Huntley

I believe that people deserve to be excited about their lives and the direction that they are travelling. I have faith that life is worth living, and that it is important to follow our heart's true calling and life path. As we act upon our heart's desires we find great fulfillment and inspire the lives of those around us in a positive manner, enhancing the wellbeing of the planet as a whole.   

I have been coaching and leading many forward in their lives for over 16 years, and am internationally recognized as:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programmer and Hypnotherapist * INLPTA

  • CHEK Holistic Coach * level 1

  • CHEK Holistic Exercise Coach 

  • Metabolic Typing & Holistic Nutrition * CHEK

  • Life Coach level 1 & 2 * Fitness Unlimited

  • Reiki Level 3 * Usui Shiki Ryoho

  • Emotion Code and Sway Therapy 

  • Functional Training Systems Specialist * Fitness Kickboxing Canada

  • Personal Trainer * Can Fit Pro

  • Fitness Instructor * Can Fit Pro

  • Nutrition and Wellness Specialist * Can Fit Pro

  • Yoga Teacher * 4 Directions 

  • Spin Instructor * Reebok

  • Iridologist

  • Herbologist

Alyssa also credits her work and wisdom to be merged with a  Higher Wisdom and life force energy.

I've coached for many years under the brand 11:11 Life Styling, and am pleased to announce that I've recently opened my very own exquisite Holistic Healing Studio, called 11:11 Full Circle Healing as a home base for my practice and years of dedicated education and teaching in the health and wellness field. Therein I will be co-creating health and deep healing for clients through my wide spectrum of modalities and wisdom.

I believe that when a client is driven by their heart and soul, with a strong belief in themself, that their personal dreams and inspired life paths are worth achieving, and I am willing to give my 100% to prepare them to succeed. I feel deeply honoured every time I am invited into the the lives of my clients, to listen to their frustrations and struggles and to work with them to create the strategies and healing required to identify and move forward toward their unique and powerful visions of the life they are ready to lead.