11:11 Full Circle Healing


Letters of Gratitude 

While each person has their own unique goals & dreams, life path & needs; it is my hope that these testimonials will inspire you with what is possible with Alyssa at 11:11 Full Circle Healing.

It is my sincere honour to connect & welcome you to 11:11 

"...I love how in life things and people come to you at the right time..."

I have had the great pleasure of working out with Alyssa for several years now & I am not sure where to begin to say what it means to me to have her as a trainer. Do I tell you that it is because of what she has taught me about how to do the exercises, or why we do certain exercises, what muscles we are using & strengthening, how to build stamina & all about the technique? Or more about all the reasons I have learned to love & appreciate the amazing person she is & how she makes me feel & how I looking forward to coming to work out with her for her encouragement, motivation, & confidence.
I am a 55 year old grandmother (never really liked saying my age or getting older) but I have never felt better, had more energy & I love being a healthy active grandmother that can still climb the jungle gym, go for long walks, play in the snow with my grandkids. I do credit myself for being committed to my fitness but I have to credit Alyssa for being the reason behind my love for my fitness. I so love working out with her as my trainer as she pushes me to do better, she makes sure I am doing things right so I avoid injury, she explains what works and why. Her knowledge of her occupation is amazing & she is always learning more & teaching me more which keeps it all fresh & new.
I love how in life things & people come to you at the right time & I know this is the case with Alyssa & I am thankful for having had her come into my life & that she makes me want to be a better person & I think that is pretty much the biggest compliment you can give any one.
Thanks Alyssa, I love and appreciate you.

~ J.F. 

 "...My heart is always open, and accepts others as they are, but it is only now that I am beginning to accept myself as I am..."

Alyssa, all I can do is thank you, for many years I have wanted to join a yoga class, as I believe in it's teachings.  My most recent sessions with you, were an eye opener, you are an amazing teacher & guide.  Your calm & gentle direction allow me to go deeper.  I have always read books by Deepak, & had those inner beliefs,  but always applied them to others, & not myself.  Through your classes & teachings, I am finally able to listen to my body, & believe in the person who I think I am.  My heart is always open, & accepts others as they are, but it is only now that I am beginning to accept myself as I am.  In classes I am having revelations, knowing that I am a wonderful, strong, caring person .. & at times I feel my whole body opening up & truly realizing that I love myself.  Thank you so very much, for you are the one who guides me in this direction, as it has been hidden behind many things.  Thank you.

~ Deb Reeves